Meet our Truck Wash Crew

Strong arms, clean rims

Every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the members of  Truck Wash Crew take care that all Nijhof-Wassink trucks are clean. The whole team consist of 15 people, who are divided to the smaller groups. There is also more experienced, older members in this team,  who selects trucks, brings them to the cleaning station and parks them. Cor Dommerholt is one of these employees: ‘I’m 67 and I’ve worked at Nijhof-Wassink since 1971. I’m glad that I can still be a part of the company’.

The men, currently there are no women in the team, meet every Friday at 18 o’clock. There are two halls (cleaning stations) in Rijssen, where around 50 trucks have to be cleaned every weekend. The cleaning process needs to be organized and planned. Aron Kuipers explains: ‘Each team member has his own spot, what makes work faster and more effective.’ At the beginning every new employee works with a more experienced colleague. They start with cleaning the wheels. ‘It’s important because by the wheels you can see if the truck is really clean’, says Cor.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of each season. Bart Oude Wolbers: ‘In the winter everybody is  in a hurry. It is cold and trucks are often really dirty. In the summer it can be really warm in the hall. We have to polish hard to remove all the flies. At the beginning it can be hard for your arms, but wen you see the result of your work, you feel satisfied.’ There are no real ‘trucks freaks’ in the team. All the guys are studying something different. However they are really involved in work at Nijhof-Wassink and are focused on efficiency and safety.

‘You need to have strong arms and a sense of humor’ – these are the criteria for new members of Truck Wash Crew. One of the colleagues, Thomas, just had a baptism of fire and his t-shirt is all wet. Mathijs, a more experienced member of the team explains: ‘Every newcomer has to pass twice the waterfall with the water coming from the clean truck’.

Truck Wash Crew is always a part of the company parties or trips. Aron: ‘We get the same Christmas gifts as the rest of the employees. Many colleagues don’t even see us, because of our working hours. But we are really a part of the whole team.

Truck Wash Crew


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