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"Everything runs smoothly"

Reliable trucks and trailers are essential for daily work of Nijhof-Wassink. It applies not only to the efficiency of the planning department and drivers, but also to the professional sales process, use and maintenance of the equipment. The collaboration between Technical Management, Fleet Management and BBS is necessary to keep reliable quality, which was always our priority. 

Marco Bruins focuses on buying and selling our trucks. Johan and Robert are responsible for the daily management of the fleet from Chemical Logistics department. They take care that we use our fleet as effective as possible. BBS department with Henny and Gerlo is a ‘link’ between drivers, Technical Management and Fleet Management departments. Both of them train our drivers with the optimal and safe driving and proper use of the equipment.

‘The advantages of this method? " Reliable and representative combinations with high availability for our customers’ says Marco. Johan: ‘We can plan maintenance, repairs and inspections more efficient. To ensure continuity of work, we share tasks. Of course only when it’s possible.’ Because safety comes first’, explains Gerlo and Henny.

To sum up, fleet management plays a major role at Nijhof-Wassink, so we can keep our equipment in the best condition. We go out of our way to ensure the best equipment for our employees and the best service for our customers. Because "We do not want to be the biggest, but the best!", Henny quotes Freddy Nijhof.

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