Meet our drive for sharing know-how with Jan Pieffers

Working with confidence

The first time I counselled and coached a driver was in 1991.
It is a real pleasure for me to share my knowledge and experience with other drivers. During the three-week training period, personal contact is vital to ensuring a pleasant atmosphere of cooperation. Whenever I set off with a new driver, we first take the time to get to know each over, over a friendly cup of coffee. The introduction also helps you identify which areas need further attention during the training, in order to make a new colleague an even better driver. Both for Nijhof-Wassink and for our clients, good quality coaching is very important.

Fully prepared, we set out with the complete ADR package. For me it is important that drivers not only know how to unload, but that they master every aspect of the work. ADR knowledge, the on-board computer, paperwork, the company rules, use of personal protective equipment, driving behavior (a defensive driving approach), handling the equipment, language knowledge (English or German) and information about our regular clients are all essential. It is also important that we remain well groomed and presentable, and that we maintain a friendly and helpful attitude towards our clients. In other words, all our new drivers receive extensive and thorough training. After all, a well-trained driver is a pleasure to work with, for everyone; for our clients, for the planning department, for the administration department and for fellow drivers. Finally, thorough preparation is above all good for building confidence.

Jan Pieffers
Mentor driver Liquid Bulk

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