Meet our drive for efficiency with René Koele

Leaving no stone unturned

The world of animal feed will never be the same again. Since the establishment of the subsidiary of Nijhof-Wassink, SilFit, a great deal has changed. In the past, feed was transported in dedicated truck combinations painted in the specific livery of our clients, resulting in high numbers of unladen kilometres. Over the past few years, more animal feed manufacturers have realised that transport is not their core business, and that there is room for efficiency improvement. They have become increasingly focused on their core task, namely the manufacture and sale of animal feeds.

SilFit is a frontrunner when it comes to offering dedicated transport and transporting animal feed in compartmentalised neutral truck combinations, in the house colours of Nijhof-Wassink. By offering transport in neutral truck combinations, it is possible to deploy the same fleet of trucks for different clients; that in return means a huge saving in the number of unladen kilometres driven on their behalf. Nijhof-Wassink has equipped its own-liveried truck combinations with exchangeable advertising panels. As a result, we can always display the name of the company on whose behalf we are delivering or collecting products.

SilFit is becoming ever more popular among animal feed manufacturers. As well as providing transport services, we also offer complete transport planning for a number of our clients. Every day, in close consultation, we work to optimize the transport process, leaving no stone unturned in removing all our clients’ transport concerns. Every action taken by our passionate team is taken according to the motto “We don’t need to be the biggest, but the best.”

René Koele
Planner animal feed transport

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