Meet our drive for sustainability with Erik Taal (SHEQ manager)

Keep on raising the bar

Reducing CO2 emission is not only a hot item in our daily newspapers. It is also a recurring subject of discussion with our clients, other operators in the sector and government. However, the reduction of CO2 at our company is not a recent innovation. Not at all. Since I started my career at Nijhof-Wassink (1991), there has been a huge focus on efficiency, today’s buzzword in discussions about sustainability. 

Our planners suffer real headaches if they are unable to arrange a return cargo, and in turn the drivers travel with a real sense of discomfort. They are not keen on transporting air. During the period I still worked at transport planning, I regularly received calls from drivers asking whether I had called this or that customer about a return cargo. This kind of dedication from our people helps reduce the number of transport movements. Other initiatives have also been highly successful. For example: together with our drivers, our driver coaches analyse driving behaviour to see whether driving styles cannot be made even more efficient. Greater awareness of driving style in turn means less CO2 emissions. Permanently keeping tyre pressure at the required level, and the fitting of spoiler sets on our trucks are other useful contributors. Right from the early days, our company Nijhof-Wassink has only ever driven Volvo trucks, a reliable brand that for years has been a frontrunner in terms of sustainability.

As you can see, CO2 emission reduction is nothing new at Nijhof-Wassink. It is a work approach that guarantees that we not only achieve the targets set, but that also gives us the drive we need to keep on raising the bar.

Erik Taal
SHEQ manager

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