During the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Nijhof-Wassink on 28 December last, Nijhof-Wassink took delivery of its 2000th truck from President of Volvo Trucks Claes Nilsson. With a single touch of a button, co-founder of the group Harman Nijhof revealed the special Volvo FH truck.

On 1 January 1967, Evert Wassink and Harman Nijhof, both independent transport operators, took the decision to join forces and continue business under the name Nijhof-Wassink. Since day one, the bulk transport business has driven 100% Volvo trucks. That fact made this a special anniversary; not only did it mark the fifty years since the foundation of the company; it also meant that for fifty years, Volvo Trucks has been the sole partner for all truck equipment, resulting in the company’s 2000th Volvo, a unique achievement in the Netherlands, Europe and possibly the world. The fleet today consists of 400 trucks. Nijhof-Wassink recognises the importance of always operating top quality vehicles that fulfil the ultimate requirements in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection. The choice for the marque Volvo Trucks ties in with Nijhof-Wassink’s ambition to not necessarily be the biggest, but certainly the best.

Nijhof-Wassink is the transport division of the Nijhof-Wassink Group, with branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Belgium. For manufacturers and suppliers of animal feed, minerals, powders, plastics, ADR goods and fuels, Nijhof-Wassink transports a huge variety of dry and liquid bulk products. From various locations in the Netherlands and Poland, Nijhof-Wassink is also responsible for the storage and transhipment of both ADR and non-ADR goods.