New CEO Nijhof-Wassink Group

Commencing on 1 April 2016, Erik Schiphorst will take over the reins from Albert Hendrikse as CEO of the Nijhof-Wassink Group.  The Nijhof-Wassink Group currently consist of transport company Nijhof-Wassink, Volvo Trucks and Renault commercial vehicles dealer Nijwa, VB Trailerbouw, Nowa Lease and SilFit. Albert Hendrikse held responsibility for the more than 1100 employees based in 19 different branches in five countries since 2007. 

Albert Hendrikse has worked at Nijhof-Wassink since January 2005 and indicated some time ago that he wished to take a step back within the enterprise. His successor, Erik Schiphorst, has been employed since February 2014 at the Nijhof-Wassink Group as Managing Director of the Nijwa Group and VB Trailerbouw. Erik previously held various management positions at companies including Volvo Trucks The Netherlands and TVM. He will succeed Albert Hendrikse as CEO of the Nijhof-Wassink Group commencing on 1 April. Albert will continue to be a member of the Board of Directors and will manage the Nijhof-Wassink companies in Poland and special projects.

In his new position, Erik Schiphorst will also take over the management of the transport division. Freddy Nijhof will therefore transfer responsibility for his tasks as Managing Director of Nijhof-Wassink to Erik. As President of the Nijhof-Wassink Group, Freddy Nijhof will remain closely involved with all the companies that form part of the Nijhof-Wassink Group.