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Meet our drive for innovation with Marco Bruins

Development that drives efficiency

The pursuit of ways of operating with greater efficiency in our branch are not just limited to finding the fastest way from A to B, but also includes the continuing development of the material we use. In collaboration with Welgro we have developed a new trailer that is being used since recently for the transport of animal feed products.

The trailer has a new steering system, which is lighter with a free positioning of axles and gives more maneuverability. The greater freedom this offers in positioning the axles means that higher cargo can be transported. This three axle trailer gives more possibilities to maneuvering so is able to reach smaller farmyards. Using the smaller two axle trailers for these kinds of delivery is no longer necessary. The various qualities of the new trailers represent fewer transport movements for our customers and greater ease for our drivers. And that’s what we like to see!

Marco Bruins
Head of Technical Management

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