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Meet the Animal Feed transport planning expert - SilFit.

Always a solution

SilFit is a subsidiary of Nijhof-Wassink and it is responsible for planning animal feed distribution for Nijhof-Wassink and for other companies. For journeys in the Benelux and Germany, a team of people based in Rijssen is responsible for day-to-day planning. For animal feed deliveries in Poland and Hungary, the planning is organized by our offices in these countries. The department is Rijssen is the service ‘epicenter’ where on a daily basis planner Alfred Meinen and his colleagues work to ensure efficient deliveries for our clients. “As far as possible we try to avoid ‘empty kilometers’, and because we work in shifts, our department is operational 24/7. There is always someone on hand who can organize an extra delivery run at the end of the day, or early in the morning, even in the weekends.”

The planners really come into their element when ad hoc situations arise; an almost daily occurrence. As Herco Eshuis, account manager Feed Logistics, explained, “Our clients appreciate that degree of flexibility. Both literally and figuratively we are able to shift gears rapidly. Our trucks are parked ready to be deployed at fifteen central locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany which means that for both international and local deliveries, we are quick to act. The work gives a clear sense of satisfaction.” As Alfred continued, “You can quickly help people to move forward, and offer them certainty.”

In the words of Arjan Schepers, “One element of our flexibility is our ability to deploy any type of equipment. If a particular item is not available in our own fleet, we call in one of our cooperative partners. Another source of strength is our people.”

In the Netherlands, we offer our services to 95% of all animal feed producers. In Arjan’s words, “We can offer our clients a worry-free, fullservice package. Many of our customers who once started off with the occasional delivery now entrust us with the complete distribution, planning, transport and storage.” As confirmed by the staff, that fact is a source of pride. “Our greatest compliment?” For Herco a no-brainer. “You always have a solution!”

SilFit Team

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