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Nijhof-Wassink and DBT Bulkvervoer combine logistical forces in Belgium

From 02-01-2018, DBT Bulkvervoer in Nieuwmoer (Belgium) and Nijhof-Wassink’s Feed Logistics division will commence an intensive collaboration for transporting feed.

‘Our Feed Logistics division wishes to further expand in the Benelux region without losing our client focus. Thanks to this strategic collaboration with DBT Bulkvervoer, we are expanding the number of locations, available fleet and knowledge of the local market even further. With our strategic partners this allows for even quicker and more flexible deliveries’, says Martin Schoemaker, General Manager Feed Logistics Nijhof-Wassink.

DBT Bulkvervoer is a highly renowned transport company and handles transport for the agricultural sector in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Nijhof-Wassink has a vast transport network for animal feed and raw materials in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the surrounding border areas.

“Nijhof-Wassink perfectly suits our working methods and vision on how we wish to proceed with clients. Both companies wish to offer their clients the most optimum service’, states Herman Delcroix, director of DBT Bulkvervoer. 

< picture: f.l.t.r.n Chris Delcroix (DBT), Herco Eshuis (Nijhof-Wassink), Herman Delcroix (DTB) en Martin Schoemaker (Nijhof-Wassink)>