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Nijhof-Wassink expands LIVE concept with Fertiliser Transport Portal

The end of the winter is traditionally the time in which the agricultural sector purchases fertiliser on a large scale to prepare the land for the upcoming crop cycle. Many tonnes of fertiliser must be transported in a short but hectic peak period. This extra cargo also causes additional stress for transporters. To make this annual operation as frictionless as possible, Nijhof-Wassink has developed an online Fertiliser Transport Portal. This latest expansion of the innovation concept Nijhof-Wassink LIVE sees Nijhof-Wassink offering a complete platform for the planning and implementation of fertiliser transportation.

Watch our film about the Fertiser Transport Portal

Delivery guarantees
With Nijhof-Wassink LIVE, Nijhof-Wassink works to innovate in a variety of ways. The Fertiliser Transport Portal is the latest example of this. Orders arrive from the customers via an interface, where Nijhof-Wassink translates these into logical routes that can be effectively combined. These combined routes are offered to a number of preselected transporters, including Nijhof-Wassink, via a closed market place where they can select their routes.  This allows Nijhof-Wassink to determine, following discussions with the client, which routes are available for which transporter(s). Nijhof-Wassink remains responsible for agreements about delivery guarantees.

With the Fertiliser Transport Portal, Nijhof-Wassink explicitly presents itself as a manager. But this does not automatically also make Nijhof-Wassink the transporter, states Business Improvement Manager Mark Burgman: “We frequently work with subcontractors, who we make the commercial agreements with for our client. The invoices come to us and we ensure that our client receives a complete invoice. But in some cases, a client may have already made agreements with transporters. In that case we only provide the management element and supply the portal functionality. True tailor-made management.”

The portal signals the end of the confusing overload of telephone and email traffic during the fertiliser peak. Real-time information about ETAs is automatically adapted and shared with the client.

Frictionless and worry-free
Martin Schoemaker, General Manager Feed Logistics at Nijhof-Wassink, sees the new Fertiliser Transport Portal as a significant new step in a development which has been underway from some time: “We at Nijhof-Wassink have a reputation for being pioneers in the area of IT in the market. This portal allows us to highlight this once again. The way we use new technology to provide substantiation to a management function is unique, certainly in the hectic world of fertiliser transport. All things considered, we can make the entire process frictionless and worry-free for the transporter, from orders to feedback.”

Beneficial for all those involved
To conclude, the new Nijhof-Wassink Fertiliser Transport Portal is evidently beneficial for all parties involved. The transporter is relieved of any worries and can benefit from a more efficient and sustainable working method with fewer errors and a reduction of wasted journeys. Transporters can pick what fits their planning and are freed from multiple manual processes. And the farmer, at the end of the process, knows the product he ordered will be delivered as agreed.  

 Communicating portals
The Fertiliser Transport Portal allows Nijhof-Wassink to also link to existing portals of customers. An example of this is TrifertoWeb, the customer portal of Triferto, a European wholesaler in mineral fertilisers. Jeroen Rossy, Triferto CEO: “We started TrifertoWeb approximately two years ago. Our customers can place orders online at any given moment via this portal. The fact that our portal now also communicates with Nijhof-Wassink’s Fertiliser Transport Portal means greater ease of use and increased efficiency for all stakeholders.”

Watch our film about the Fertiser Transport Portal