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We reduce empty kilometers and CO2 emission and invest in our own intermodal network

Nijhof-Wassink invests in intermodal logistics, in 2002 we opened our first intermodal location in Rotterdam, Nijhof-Wassink Intermodal in Coevorden quickly followed in 2003. With both railway and waterway connection supported by logistic services and storage facilities both perfect hubs.

These locations have direct connections with the rest of Europe and a daily connection to our third hub in Kutno, Polen. This location (opened in April, 2012) is straight next to a railwayterminal from PCC Intermodal. With five halls of each 8.000 m2, two halls for rebulking your packed goods for further distribution throughout Europe and our other location in Kutno nearby (1,5 km) we can provide every logistic service you need.

Nijhof-Wassink also invests in reducing the amount of empty kilometers, less empty kilometers means more effective transport and less CO2 emission. In animal feed distribution our partner for this goal is SilFit (www.silfit.com), SilFit has already proven its service by reducing empty kilometers with 13 procent and the number of rushorders has been lowered with 36 procent.